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August 9 & 10

Cole Park, Alamosa CO

Beat the Heat BBQ & Brews is a Kansas City Barbeque Society-sanctioned event hosted in the heart of Alamosa, this community festival brings together the best parts of summer to create a fun and tasty weekend for all ages. Sample Award-winning BBQ from professional pitmasters and enjoy craft beer from all over Colorado during this late summer celebration. 


This event boasts a competitive corhole tournament, an all-day kids zone, and a Bloody Mary Showdown on the main stage, so you can enjoy the event as a competitor or as a spectator and enjoy the flavor of summer. 

Meet your 2024 Beat the Heat  Competitors!!   So Far............................

  1. 🔥Rocket Boys Pyro BBQ

  2. 🔥Poppa Pig and Porkchop

  3. 🔥At Ease BBQ

  4. 🔥62nd Street BBQ

  5. 🔥Service Dog BBQ

  6. 🔥Pig in a Pit

  7. 🔥Chucho Q 

  8. 🔥The Outback Cookin' Company

  9. 🔥1-2-BBQ

  10. 🔥Still Whiskey BBQ

  11. 🔥Good to Go BBQ

  12. 🔥DragonFyreSmoke

  13. Monarch BBQ

  14. Double J Smokers

  15. M Dubbs

  16. Rooster's Competition BBQ

  17. Bracken Racks BBQ 

  18. Kanned Heat

  19. Brinkerhoff BBQ

  20. Texas Original Charcoal

  21. No Pasa Nada Smokers

  22. Piggin' Whiskey

  23. Colorado BullDawg bbq

  24. Lost Weekend Grill

  25. Heifers Butt's & Clucks

  26. Man-Day Hooligans BBQ

  27. Bull Slap BBQ

  28. La Pasadita

🔥 This team is vying for your vote in the People's Choice Category 

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