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4 (Fun) Ways Beat the Heat is Going Green

The SLV Beat the Heat BBQ started as a way to bring BBQ Pitmasters to Alamosa and give the community an end of season, community-wide barbeque. Now in its 7th year, Beat the Heat boasts a two day lineup of BBQ and Beer, complete with yard-games, live music, and activities for folks of all ages.

Anyone who has ever hosted (or even attended) a barbeque knows that once the last of the food is gone, and the games are over, the cleanup begins. Beat the Heat is part barbeque, and part festival so the clean-up factor is huge. This year we are committed to reduce the waste that our event sends to the landfill. We want to be responsible and sustainable, but we want to make it fun. With that in mind we came up with 4 fun ways for the BBQ to go green.

1.Souvenir Cups The first 200 people to purchase a beer from the Alamosa Chamber of Commerce Beer Garden will receive a FREE reusable Beat the Heat cup that can be used at the Beer Garden throughout the entire event! Fewer single use plastic cups going to the landfill, and free swag-we think that’s a win-win!

Cups can be used at the Beer Garden & the Hydration Station, cutting down on single use cups at the beer garden AND plastic bottled water waste.
Get there early to snag a souvenir cup!

2. Ditch the Paper Every year the BBQ sells thousands of tickets that can be redeemed for BBQ samples. We’ve ditched the paper tickets and opted for wooden tokens that can be reused for years to come! They’re not just greener, we think they’re so much more fun! The Alamosa Chamber is getting in on the action too! Instead of a single use wrist band at the beer garden, they will be using stamps.

3. FREE H2O You will have a hard time finding bottled water for sale at this event. Instead, we invite you to use Alamosa’s Hydration Station! Bring your own cup (or snag one of those reusable souvenir cups) and fill it with free filtered water. The Hydration Station will be available during both days of the event!

Hydration Station at the Rails & Ales Block Party

4.Recycle, Recycle, Recycle Cub Scout Troop 307 will be at the event to act as Recycling Ambassadors! The troop will staff a Zero Waste Tent, where they will encourage recycling, help sort recyclables and answer any questions attendees might have. We will also provide recycling bins throughout the park next to the trash cans for easy access.

We're excited to make these small changes, and committed to continue our efforts each year. We hope to see you there!

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